Peoms from A Spoken Word Collection by Brenda Lee Flores

 Always Remember                            

Always remember

That you are loved

That you are needed 

That you are wanted 

Always remember 

That you matter 

That you are here for a reason 

That you touch lives

Always remember 

That you contribute to the world

That you are beautiful

That you are a leader

Always remember 

That you are smart

That you make me smile

May you always remember 

That you are all those things to me


I Must Go

I must go, but I promise it’s for the best. We have grown and learned from each other.For as long as we could. Now it’s time to part andGo in different directionsI must go, but I promise you will learn to love again.Life is full of discoveries, acceptance, and lessons. We are here to learn and love one another. 

Now, it is time to go on to the next phase of our lives.All that remains is the memory of us glazing in each other’s eyes, curious to get to know each other, dazzled by the beauty under the brightest sun and the bluest sky.