Hot Tortillas #1

It’s been a while since I have waited tables. It becomes so easy when you have served for so many years while you take care of other responsibilities. I mean you go to work, you can be yourself, and what you make that day, you can take it home. Sound easy enough, right! Think about it. It makes more sense to get paid that day instead of waiting a week or two weeks for a paycheck. You got to be upbeat when you are a waiter. You got to be able to multitask. You got to make sure you are taking care of your tables, doing your side work, and working together to make ensure you are serving the guest correctly and consistently.

On my first day, I had to learn the process of how the new people do things around there. I also had to learn how to use their computer system to enter orders. Since I had the service down, all I needed was to remember how to put in order in their system. It took a couple of days to know where and what type of food belong to how they label their items. It was nice to meet new people because you get to learn how they do things but you also learn about their life. It’s really nice to meet new people because you will learn from them and what I learned that everyone can teach you something.

After finishing the day I felt relieved in a way that it honestly didn’t even feel like work because serving others comes natural to me.  Serving others through Heart to Heart service is a wonderful thing and feeling.

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