Interview #8: Robert Ytuarte – Muralist 


Robert Ytuarte artist and muralist, who created the mural The  American Dream.

Brenda L. Flores: Can you tell us a little bit about the mural?

Robert Ytuarte: What is it that you want to know about it? There is a lot to say about it.

Brenda L. Flores: How did it start?

Robert Ytuarte: Well George, the guy other there, can you see him?He approached me and commissioned me to start the mural in honor of his father.

Brenda L. Flores: He talked to you about what he wanted you to paint?

Robert Ytuarte: Yeah, al la fresco. On cement because it’s a concreate wall.

Brenda L. Flores: So what do you have to do to paint one face? How does he go about choosing who to paint?

Robert Ytuarte: We sat down and we discuss who should be on there and in what section. I actually paint one person at a time, but we already have in mind to do two, three or four, a group of guys or women.

Brenda L. Flores: How long does it take you to do one person?

Robert Ytuarte: Here, it takes me a long time. It takes me one to two weeks here in the restaurant because I paint while people are sitting and eating around me.  And I get interrupted a lot. Normally it takes me a couple of days to do one.

Brenda L. Flores: Do you sketch at your studio before you put it on the wall?

Robert Ytuarte: You’re correct. First we get the photograph and do research on the person so I can know a little bit about them incase I get asked questions.

Brenda L. Flores: Do you prefer painting more than pencil?

Robert Ytuart: I like to draw more, I think between painting or drawing I prefer to draw because there is a lot more freedom involved.

Brenda L. Flores: What advice would you give new artist?

Robert Ytuarte: Just keep drawing and painting everyday. Try to draw at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.

Brenda L. Flores: What are you working on now in your studio?

Robert Ytuarte: I’m doing the design for another mural that is going to be on that particular wall over there. The continuation of this particular mural.

Brenda L. Flores: Can you disclose that information?

Robert Ytuarte: It’s kind of secretive. You’ll see it when it’s up.

Brenda L. Flores: As a professional artist, do you still enter your work into contest?

Robert Ytuarte: I was never into contest. When I was a kid I competed once and I didn’t like the results that I was turned off so I don’t compete with other artist. I will submit work to be judged, but as far as competition, no.

Brenda L. Flores: Have you ever painted something and threw it away?

Robert Ytuarte: Not throw it away, just put it aside. I actually don’t throw my work away. Little drawings and stuff sometimes I’ll throw it away or draw over them or if it’s a mistake I will continue and it will develop into something totally different.

Brenda L. Flores: There is a lot of passion that goes into your work.

Robert Ytuarte: That’s what I d0. You put passion into what you do.


Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. I appreciate your love and support.

-Brenda L. Flores








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