Interview #6: El Trio Los Oros

Los Trios- Lino Javier, Serafin Rodriguez, and Adan Ledezma

Brenda L. Flores: How many years have y’all performed together?

Adan Ledezma: 43years. We met at Mi Tierra.

Brenda L. Flores: Has the music changed throughout the years?

Adan Ledezma: Yes, people play more of Rancheras, Nortenias, Corridos, Mariachi and Banda music today.

Brenda L. Flores: Why do you think sad songs are so popular?

Adan Ledezma: Because we live in sad times and people are scared.

Brenda L. Flores: Where are you from?

Serafin Rodriguez: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Brenda L. Flores: And you, Adan?

Adan Ledezma: Michocan.

Brenda L. Flores: When you sing Serafin you sing loud and with an extra ahh?

Serafin Rodriguez: The customers want strong and happy songs. Not sad songs. They want to enjoy themselves.

Brenda L. Flores: Based on your experience as a trio would you want others to continue this type of style of music?

Serafin Rodriguez: Yes, but today’s generation is different. They have a different mentality.  They don’t want to learn or study this type of music. Romantic music. Their into other styles of music. I would love for the young to learn this type of music.


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