Blog #15: Lolli and Pops 

Lolli and Pops is a candy store at La Cantera Mall. I love going there to try and take some tasty treats home. There are many types of candy there like chocolates: m&m’s, candy bars, almonds covered in chocolates,hard candies like lollipops, jolly ranchers, flavored candy, and a variety of gummies Bears like chocolate covered, spicy and animals shaped. they also offer different brands of soda pops. You can have candies from different parts of the world. Which I think it’s neat.

 My favorite is the pecan amaretto chocolate. I always buy and take some home. They are just too good to pass up. So if you want to make me smile just buy me some of these chocolate. Haha!

The workers always give a smile and are willing to help with recommendations. So go on and give it a try.

To Delicious Candy! 🍫

– Brenda L. Flores

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