Blog #14: Hobby Lobby 


I enjoy going to Hobby Lobby. I can find so must inspiration there and ideas go through my mind like where can I put this ornament to what am I going to create. 

My favorite aisle is the painting section. They have so much colors to  choose from. And when I look at the colors my mind starts envisioning of all the things to paint. I can’t draw. If you ask  me to draw something for you I probably won’t do a good job because all my paintings have been from my mind. I start from painting a line then I just go with the flow. I can see things like shapes and visions that come to my mind and  my imagination takes me to what comes next.  I can’t force it. It has to come from the heart. I got to say for someone who doesn’t know how draw, my painting come out very pretty. Lol. 

What I also like about Hobby Lobby is they always has sales like 20 percent or 30 percent everyday so it won’t cost you a lot to buy something from the store. I encourage you to go in there and see what you like and what you can do. It’s fun picking up good hobby. 

Cheers to painting pretty paintings! 

Brenda L. Flores 

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