Blog #13: Big Bibs 

I love BBQ and I have been to many BBQ places around town and out of town but this place takes first place. As soon as you walk in the staff is smiling at you and welcoming you. They have a great selection of BBQ items and delicious sides. 

Their brisket is very tasty and moist. They have some amazing sides like the baked potato casserole and potato salad. They even serve grape koolaid. 
They have a variety of sauces. If you combine the bib sauce and the tangy gold, you also get a great tasty sauce.   

They serve good portions too. I got a pound of brisket, a half of chicken, a large slide of potato salad and the delicious sweet potato casserole.

These feeds up to 3 people. I think it’s the best BBQ places in San Antonio. Yes, it’s better than Rudy’s. I recommend you to check the place out. You are going to leave BBQ happy. 

-Brenda L. Flores 

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