Interview #4: Hector Aguirre- 50 Years in Music 


Brenda L. Flores: How did you get started in Music? 

Hector Aguirre: I began singing at the age of 10. Since 1957 I learned about music and the different types of music with my two brothers. For 10 years, we played and sang together on tv, theater and on radio. 

I then moved on to sing with Los Principes Azules at the age of 25 and then to Trio Los Oros. I have traveled the world to France, Alemania, America and throughout Mexico singing. 

During my career, I’ve had sang for several presidents like George Bush, Jose-Lopez Portillo and Jaime Roldes Aguilar de Ecuador. 

Brenda L. Flores: I often see you writing. What are you writing about?

Hector Aguirre: I’m a composer so I am always writing about love, romantic songs and all kinds of songs. 

Brenda L. Flores: You always have a smile on your face and sing with passion, Why? 

Hector Aguirre: It’s because I’m happy I love what I do. I’m happy when I’m writing and singing songs. I write for my wife. I’ve been married for 50 years. 

Brenda L. Flores: Congratulations. What advice can you give to someone who want ti have a career in music?

Hector Aguirre: To study music and practice. 

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