Blog #7: 3 Hermanos Fruiteria 

This restaurant has a lot to offer. It’s a Mexican restaurant that sells mini tacos, enchiladas and tortas. And, a place where you can enjoy some delicious fresh fruit, ice cream and corn in a cup. Your fruitcup can be one type of fruit or a mixture of fruit. It is then squeeze with a lime, sprinkled with salt and topped with chile power. 

Yum and I want to mention my favorite is  junk food is chicharrones with Valentina. 

You can choose to eat in the restaurant or order from the window. It all depends on what kind of day you are having. 

The 3 Hermanos Fruiteria also has a drive through,  but you have to get off to order and then ones you have your order, you need to take off so that others can order too. 

The restaurant has great prices too. The good food, snacks and prices has customers coming back for more. 

I do recommend coming to this places for some delicious Bistek tacos and a fruitcup. This place is located off of I10 west and West Avenue. It is open everyday except for Saturday. 

Have a great day!

Brenda L. Flores 

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