Blog #6: Alamo Pizza

               Alamo Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

Mmm Hot Wings!
Mmm Hot Wings!

Sports Banners
Sports Banners

Alamo Pizza is located in the westside of San Antonio.They offer a variety of pizzas in different sizes with all kinds of toppings. They also sell sandwiches, salads and wings. You can order a combo with a slice of pizza and a drink or a whole pizza. Their staff is friendly and they give great customer service. The place is decorated with sports banners from our San Antonio Schools and other Texas cities. They have an outdoor patio too.

I ordered a large pepperoni pizza and hot wings. Their pizza and wings are good. Their pizza is soft and has a great taste to it. When I go back I would like to try the lemon pepper wings. And, I would like add pineapples to my pepperoni pizza.

I do recommend this place to anyone. And I will be visiting this place soon.

Cheers to good food!

Brenda L. Flores

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