Blog #3: Rudy’s BBQ in San Antonio, Texas


Rudy’s BBQ is a popular spot that many people visit to eat some delicious BBQ. Their cream corn is like no other I have ever tasted. They keep their recipe a secret. Their BBQ is so good and favorable. My favorite type of meat is the Brisket and my second best is the pork ribs. I think the brisket has the most flavor if you order it with the burnt ends. The BBQ sauce is very light and sweet. It’s the perfect sauce to compliment the BBQ. I enjoy their meat and chicken because its tender.

This restaurant also has a country store attached to it. This store pretty much is like a corner store that sales snacks and gas.  It pretty much has everything you need to enjoy your meal. Here are a view pictures of their sauce, cream corn, and their brisket. For more information on locations, please view their website at Rudy’s BBQ Website.

Have a great day!

Brenda Flores

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