Blog #1: A Day in Round Rock, TX

 It’s a great One Day getaway trip if your live in Texas.

Some places I recommend you going to.


Salt Lick is a Barbeque Restaurant that had been on the food channel.  Their BBQ is finger licking good. They have great brisket, turkey, and my favorite pork ribs.  I just made myself hungry just writing about it. LOL. Their sides (Beans & Cole slaw) are all right.  If they had Rudy’s BBQ sides like their delicious cream corn and awesome potato salad then I believe they would be the ultimate BBQ spot all around.  Overall, there sides won’t stop me from going back. HAHA!

I was going to put the pic I took of the BBQ, but its taking too long to upload. Now, I’ve included a pic from the internet. This photo is just as good.

salt lick



Before Crispy Creme and Shipley’s Donuts, there was Round Rock Donuts. Make sure you don’t  get lost getting here. This place is a small building and it’s on Liberty Street. Right next to PAPA JOHNS.  These donuts are DELICIOUS. Two or more. You’ll be wanting two or more donuts, of course. I had a bite of the Original Glaze. I’m lying. I had several bites.  I had the Bismark, and Raspberry Center Filled. I could of kept on eating, but that would be overdoing it. Yikes!

For entertainment, you can go see a Baseball game.


They have the Round Rock Express Baseball Team. It’s always good to see them play. Great time, great music, great food, and great people. Lots of entertaining things at the baseball park.


So, there you have it. I gave you some stuff to do. Now, go have FUN.

I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

-Brenda L. Flores

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