Laughable stuff I’ve heard while pregnant

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I’m due on November 10.  I appreciate all the amazing support  I have received. Pregnancy is a wonderful new experience for me. It’s a blessing to have a child. And after hearing what I’ve heard, I believe that people need to get educated on pregnant women.  Here is some of  the laughable stuff I’ve heard while pregnant.

#1. I advice you to stop driving because if you get in an accident the insurance is not going to cover you. Have someone drop you off instead.

Me: There is no law that states that women can’t drive while pregnant.

#2 You need to stop working because your stomach is getting big.

Me: Unless your doctor advices you to stop, you can work all through your pregnancy regardless on how big or how far along you are.

#3 When do you plan to stop working? If I were you I would stop working.

Me: If you feel great, you can work all you want.

#4 You have stretch marks because you have scratched your stomach? There is no other reason why you got them.

Me: People get stretch marks based on the elasticity of their skin. It’s not because its genetic or you have scratched your stomach.

#5 You must be tired? Poor woman. You should go home and rest.

Me: Poor? There is nothing poor about me.  Just because your pregnant does not mean your tired.  Just because your pregnant does not mean your body aches.  I have no pain whatsoever.  Some women who are pregnant have the greatest energy. They can still exercise, attend yoga classes & etc. And for some women, pregnancy takes a lot of their energy. It all depends on the person.

#6  Your going to have your baby early?

Me: How do you know if I’m going to have my baby early by looking at my stomach?

#7 You should not eat spicy food. Your baby is going to come out with small bumps all over the body.

Me: The only reason why nutritionist  advice you to not eat spicy food is because of heartburn. Spicy food is not harmful to the baby.

#8 Your going to have a C-section. Your stomach is huge.

Me: Unless there are medical reasons  to have a C-section, there is no possible way of telling based on looking at a stomach.

#9 Fat comments. Gorda! Fatty! Are you having twins?

Me: Really! No person regardless if their pregnant or not wants someone tell them that they are fat.

#10 Can I touch your stomach? I don’t want to give it ojo (the evil eye)?

Me: Unless your a loved one, keep your hands off my stomach. I get random people who I’ve never met come up to me to touch my stomach.

Have you experience this? Tell me what you think?

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