Interview #1: Sister Sister – 5 questions for 2 Nuns.

Meet two nuns who create and sell jewelery for their church in Michocan, Mexico.
During their visit to San Antonio, I was curious and wondered to myself, of all the careers to choose from, why a Nun?
Here is what they had to say.

Brenda L. Flores: What made you become a NUN?

Nuns: It’s like any career. You must like it. You must have a passion for it. We knew in our teens that we would become nuns.
We liked the art and craft of the job. So, we studied it.

Brenda L. Flores: After work hours, do you take your gown off.

Nuns: No. We must wear it at all times when we are in public.

Brenda L. Flores: What are your duties at your rectory?

Nuns: Our duties include cleaning,  prayer, and studying.

Brenda L. Flores: Can you get up and leave whenever you want?

Nuns: No. We must ask for permission to go places, and we must explain why we want to go there.

Brenda L. Flores: What about Drama? Is there any drama between sisters.

Nuns: If any sister causes problems, they would be asked to leave.

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